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AutoResponse Plus
Bob Westbury
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AutoResponse Plus

It's no accident that AutoResponse Plus has become one of the most respected permission-based autoresponder and email marketing solutions available.

It's because our customers know that there's no better solution when it comes to running their vital opt-in email strategy.

AutoResponse Plus hands the power back to your business - giving you full control of this vital element in your marketing toolbox.

AutoResponse Plus

Awesome Power

With the power to create an unlimited number of automated follow-up autoresponders, each with an unlimited number of messages, AutoResponse Plus gives you everything you need to maximize profit from your customer and prospect lists.

AutoResponse Plus is installed entirely on your web site or server, meaning no monthly fees, and giving you full control of your data.

Easy To Use

AutoResponse Plus makes easy work of setting up an entire permission-based email marketing system, right on your own web site or server. It even generates the code you need to paste into your web pages to invite subscriptions from your web site visitors.


Whether you're running automated follow-up campaigns or sending one-off broadcast mailings, AutoResponse Plus takes care of everything. It runs for you 24/7 - you don't even have to be online to capture subscriptions or send messages - just set it up and walk away. If you want, AutoResponse Plus will even send you and email to tell you when someone subscribes, unsubscribes or when your broadcast has started, finished and how many emails it sent. And you get a daily report showing all subscriptions and unsubscriptions for that day, broken down into trackable groups.


The value in any marketing campaign is the measure of how successful it was. AutoResponse Plus provides you with a number of powerful features that measure the success of each message sent:

  • Open-rate tracking tells you which subscribers opened each message (HTML email only), and allow you to filter your subscribers by those who did or didn't open a particular message.
  • Link tracking tells you which links in your messages are being clicked, and by who. One-click filtering allows you to target people who clicked a particular link.

More Profit

AutoResponse Plus is recognized across the world as an essential tool in the armory of successful web marketers for delivering profits from their online businesses. The excellent reputation for high quality, reliability and a comprehensive set of features has made AutoResponse Plus a sought-after product.

AutoResponse Plus RSS Module

With the introduction of the optional AutoResponse Plus RSS Module ($67) you can now guarantee 100% that your messages will get through. Many sites now offer distribute their content by RSS News feed - you can now do the same with AutoResponse Plus.

AutoResponse Plus clearly is the closest thing I have found to the most perfect, feature-packed list management system on the market.
Marty Foley ~

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